PS 251Q Technology Survey
We appreciate you taking a few minutes to respond to this survey so that we can ensure that we are doing our best to communicate with you. Thank you!
Which websites/apps do you use to receive school updates? *
Which website/app have you found to be the MOST USEFUL in receiving school updates? *
How helpful have the school newsletters been in keeping up with school news and events? *
Not helpful
Very helpful
Do you have any suggestions for the school newsletter? (Not required but much appreciated!)
What do you use Class Dojo for? *
Do you follow us on Instagram or Facebook?
Clear selection
Have you visited the school website? *
If you have visited the school website, which sections of the website do you find to be most helpful? *
Do you have any suggestions for the school website? (Not required but much appreciated!)
Do you have any other suggestions for the way that we use technology to communicate? (Not required but much appreciated!)
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