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Hi! Thank you for your interest in trusting Metro Primo, under direct supervision of DRIVEN Marketing Group Inc. (Est. 2010). It is our service to reach as many valuable prospects as possible for your loved property. Please be informed that information you'll be needing to provide below are only the basic information. To formally list your property, we will be needing to sign an agreement valid between you and us! This makes it more professional and is legally required.

Important: We won't be accepting property listings from agents, brokers and even authorized representative (or SPA) who are currently marketing the property. We will only accept listings directly from the property owner or principal buyer and co-maker/co-borrower/co-owner only.
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You agree that the information provided above are only the basic information and that you'll be expecting a call from us to formally list your property in our realty, DRIVEN Marketing Group Inc. under the brand name: Metro Primo. You also agree that the information you provided are "For Property Listing Use Only" and that you permits us to use these information solely for transactions related to your property.

You agree to give us permission to video shoot your property within the week after you formally listed your property to us. We will be sending our agent to take photos and videos of your property. We will also be conducting Virtual House Tours as part of featuring your property and showing it to the market.

You agree to give us permission to conduct booked tripping or viewing to your property in the day and time slot you provided in this form. As respect to your privacy, we will be confirming first the booked viewing and asked for your approval before going on site for actual viewing.

Lastly, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Authority to Negotiate Sale, where you will insert the confidential property details and schedule of expenses between buyer's and seller's responsibility for different taxes and legal fees to be settled to formally transfer the ownership from you to the buyer.
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