CNC Router Survey
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What this survey is about
Why did you buy your CNC router in the first place? *
Where did you buy your CNC router from? *
What brand is it? *
If you selected 'other' above, what brand is it?
What model is it?
What is the approximate cutting area? (example 24x24 inches, 1000x1500mm) *
How long have you had it? *
How much did you pay for it? (not including cutting tools and other accessories)
Clear selection
Assuming you had to assemble it, how easy was the build? *
Complete pain in the ass
It practically fell together
Anything you'd like to share about the build? *
What about getting it up and running? *
Oh God...Don;t ask...
Almost started running by itself
What are some pros about your CNC router? *
Every machine has its shortcoming. What about yours? *
How would you rate the cutting consistency of your CNC router? *
My 3-year old is more consistent
On the money every time
How would you rate the rigidity of your CNC router? *
Water is more rigid
Built like a tank!
If you selected less than a 5 above, please explain.
Cutting through the chase... If you had your current knowledge of this CNC router and could go back in time, would you still purchase this one? *
Why or why not?
How about the company you bought it from. How would you rate their customer service? *
Better service than a 5 star hotel
What would you say they need to fix up a bit with their customer service? *
How about the good stuff... Where did they meet or exceed what you'd expect from them? *
So...anything else you'd like to add about your CNC router and/or the company you got it from?
What's the most amazing thing you've made? *
What's the project you'll never tell anyone about? *
Do you want to be added to my email list for any deals I find for CNC router stuff? *
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