2017 Third Coast Conference: Session Proposals
Be the Third Coast Conference Session you want to see in the world!

Third Coast is looking for your suggestions for the 2017 Third Coast Conference. You can suggest or propose....

- Sessions: You may recommend your own session and/or suggest other people and topics.
- Audio Dr.s / Biz Dr.s
- Provocateurs for our opening night Provocations
- Ideas for the Awards Ceremony
- Suggestions for audio hoopla

A few things to keep in mind when drafting proposals:

- Sessions are typically 75 minutes long so make sure the topic is expansive enough for this length
- Sessions have to speak to a large swath of attendees. They happen twice over the weekend, so what do 300 people need to hear? What do 300 people need to know or engage with?
- We want to work across all levels: Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced. Does your proposal target one demo or work across all three?
- Consider building upon the work we've done in previous years. Check out our Pocket Conference podcast and conference pages at thirdcoastfestival.org to make sure your proposal hasn't previously been addressed, or if it needs to be re-addressed, why and how?

Use the space below to make a case for your suggestions!

Who are you? Give us your name + short bio. *
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Session Proposal: Make sure to include 1) What is your session about? 2) Why is it important? 3) Why now? 4) What is the takeaway for the audience?
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Who is your session/suggestion for? *
Other Suggestions - are there other people you think might be good for our Awards Ceremony Host, Audio Doctors, Biz Doctors & Late Night Provocations?
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Anything else you'd like to see happen at the conference? Let us know!
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How can we contact you? (Preferred email/phone #) *
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