Artlife 2018 Support Staff Application

1. FAMILY GROUP LEADER - will require a high level of maturity and sensitivity towards campers and spiritual matters. Expected to keep track of your family group throughout the day, plan one family meal together, and facilitate discussions after evening worship. Must have been an Artlife camper in the past. Must have graduated from High school or higher.

2. SERVICE STAFF - Will assist in taking care of serving our campers and staff. This will include, but not limited to: filling water containers, preparing and serving evening snacks, cleaning wherever needed, helping any staff with small tasks if asked. Must have graduated from High School or higher.

All positions will still participate in all aspects of camp, such as worship and track times. You will be a camper who is supporting the staff.

All positions are asked to register at SAGU on Monday, July 9th for orientation. (Time to be announced)

All positions must complete the MinistrySafe Training before July 9th.


Support Staff Selections will be notified the week of June 18, 2018 or before.

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Please give the contact information for 2 adults in your life that can attest to your character. Please do not submit Artlife Staff members nor your Family Members.
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If I am accepted as a support staff volunteer, I agree to give faithful and dependable service to Artlife Texas 2018
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