Mr. Lebeiko's Intro Form 2019-2020
Your first homework assignment. Don't worry, it's easy. If you have any problems using the form, please tell me! I will see these responses, and they help me teach, so be honest. This will be graded on completion. If you do not take it seriously, or falsify information, you will get a 0. So be good, not evil. Muhahahhaha! (that's my evil laugh in case you were wondering).
What Class Do You Have With Mr. Lebeiko? *
Marketing? Finance? Something else?
What time do you have Mr. Lebeiko's class? *
Time as in classroom period
Your Full First Name *
what shows up on your birth certificate
Your answer
Your Nickname (if you want me to use it)
If your name is Jayson and you go by Jay, this is your chance to let me know.
Your answer
How Do I Pronounce First Name or Nickname (if not obvious)
Write it phonetically (how it sounds) - Lebeiko would be "La-BAKE-Oh" (all caps where it sounds the loudest)
Your answer
Your Last Name *
Your answer
What grade are you in this year? *
don't worry about your credits, I just want to know how long you've been in school.
Parent/Guardian's First Name *
preferred parent/guardian for updates
Your answer
Parent/Guardian's Relation to you *
How they are related to you: mom, dad, step mom, brother, aunt, etc.
Your answer
What is the primary language you speak at home? *
usually the native language of your parent(s)
Your answer
Do you have access to a computer at home with an internet connection? *
Occasionally we will need to do some projects/work that require it.
Do you have a job outside of school? *
If you have a job, where do you work?
(OPTIONAL) Just the name of the business works, example: McDonald's.
Your answer
Any other time commitments I should know about?
(OPTIONAL) Anything that may infringe upon your study time or impact you as a student. For example you may take care of your siblings or grandparents.
Your answer
Extra Curricular Activities *
sports, plays, yearbook, avid couch potato, etc.
Your answer
What (or who) is your favorite band/musical artist? *
My music is to old and embarrassing to mention
Your answer
What is your favorite book? *
Mine is Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's fun and interesting. You'd love it.
Your answer
What is your favorite TV Show? *
I'd say Breaking Bad but you may wonder what I do at home... I like Silicon Valley (HBO).
Your answer
What is your favorite movie? *
Must Sees: The Shawshank Redemption, The Matrix (first one only), Office Space, and of course I loved Avengers Infinity War, but Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse was better.
Your answer
What is your favorite food? *
Fried Chicken with Honey! My daughter and I swear by it.
Your answer
Why do you come to school? *
To see how much more beautiful Mr. Lebeiko looks... probably not.
What school district were you in last year? *
If you did go to any other school district please name it here, and then enter the two digit state code.
For example, Issaquah School District, WA
Your answer
On a scale of 1 to 5, how do you rate yourself as a student? *
This is not how awesome you are, just how you see yourself as a student.
very weak student
very strong student
What grade do you EXPECT or PREDICT to earn in this class? *
your best guess...
After High School, what do you plan to do? *
Do you have a plan for how to pay for you next step (after high school)? *
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