Mayor Harp: Please Move Our Money from Wells Fargo Bank!
We, New Haven residents, ask Mayor Toni Harp to move the city’s main operating funds – our taxpayer dollars – from Wells Fargo bank to one that better represents what New Haven, its people and its mayor stand for.

Wells Fargo stands for Dishonesty (creating 3.5 million costly fake accounts for unsuspecting customers)(1); Disingenuousness (providing $467,000,000 to the dangerous and polluting Dakota Access oil pipeline (DAPL) – which threatens Native Americans' drinking water, violates land that is rightfully theirs, and accelerates climate change – despite claiming to be "committed to doing [their] part to accelerate the transition to a lower-carbon economy"(2)(3); and Discrimination (against low-income Americans and specifically against African American and Latino mortgage holders)(4). WF also has a history of investing in private prisons, which in turn exploit prisoners for profit (5).

Wells Fargo is not local; it takes its profits out of New Haven instead of reinvesting significantly in our community.


Petition created by New Haven Stands with Standing Rock campaign.

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