BPY Extended Hours Enrollment Form 2016-17
At BPY, we are sensitive to the needs of our parent body and offer flexible extended day options to accommodate varied arrival/dismissal schedules. We offer full aftercare on every school day (M-TH), including all early dismissal days, except for the days noted on the school calendar. Extended day options begin on your child’s first full day of school.

**Please note that these services are not available on an as needed, pay per diem basis**

Kindly complete a separate enrollment form for each child. Responses are due by July 1, 2016.

The business office will automatically bill you through TADS according to the tuition payment schedule you have chosen. For payment questions, please contact Shoshi Ryp in the business office at shoshir@benporatyosef.org or Ext. 12.

For questions about programs or registration, please contact Shani Weinstock at shaniw@benporatyosef.org or ext.10

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Early drop off begins at 8:00 AM. Prices are per year for the full week (M-F).
Please select the early drop off option for which you would like to enroll:
Toddler and nursery students who enroll in aftercare will have quiet/nap time or activity time followed by snack and free play.

Students in grades PK-8 (depending on schedule) will have free play and time to work on their homework. Please send a snack from home.

Parents may choose to sign up for aftercare on certain days of the week only. Pricing is for the entire year.

Full Week (M-Th) Aftercare Options:
Use this section to select M-Th aftercare options. Please note that Toddler and nursery students who enroll for the entire year can also be enrolled in the 8:30-9am early drop off program at no additional cost. Full year enrollment also includes Friday coverage from 1:30-2:00pm on late Fridays to accommodate bus and carpool times.
Please select the full week M-Th option below:
INDIVIDUAL DAY AFTERCARE: Pricing is per day for the entire year.
Only use this section if you need need individual days and time. DO NOT USE THIS SECTION IF YOU ALREADY SELECTED FULL WEEK ABOVE
Toddler & Nursery
1:30-3:30PM ($600)
PK-8th (select times and days below):
3:30-4:30PM ($300)
3:30-5PM ($450)
3:30-5:30PM ($600)
4:30-5:30PM ($300, grades 6-8 only)
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Late Pick Up Fee:
Please be sure to be punctual when picking up your child. We need to pay the instructor to stay when you are late
and this cost will be passed along to you. If you consistently arrive late for pickup, you will be charged $10 for every 5
minutes you are late.

Cancellations will be made on a prorated basis at the discretion of the school. In the event that school closes early
due to inclement weather, aftercare will be cancelled. The administration reserves the right to cancel aftercare when
there is a safety concern for the children and staff.

By signing below, I confirm that I have read and accept the terms of BPY's extended care program. Please enroll my child as specified above.
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