WASSW Awards Nomination
The Washington Association of School Social Workers (WASSW) is proud to announce the 2019 Distinguished School Social Worker of the Year Award and the 2019 Distinguished School Social Worker Advocate of the Year Award.

The Distinguished School Social Worker Award is an honor given to those who are outstanding in the field and recognized by their peers and colleagues. WASSW has a long history of giving this award to those past and present members who have made contributions ranging from direct practice to state and national leadership. Candidate must be a member of WASSW.

The Distinguished School Social Work Advocate is open to any community member who promotes and enhances the mission of school social work. This award can be given to a politician, school board member, a principal, etc.

*In addition to this form, please send two letters of recommendation (preferably one administrator and one colleague) and the nominee's resume to president@wassw.org.
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