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Please read this form carefully and let us know if anything is written weird or needs clarified. Our group occasionally receives donations from the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department. Our group liaisons are Shannon and Carl Cooper of Thurston. We also get meat "gleans" and rather than posting, we may use this as a first-contact list for invitations to help harvest.

What follows is not for the squeamish, so be forewarned we're not pulling punches. "Harvest" here refers, yes, to killing the animal for its meat. "Processing" refers to skinning, gutting and rendering the animal into meat.

OFWD sometimes receives roadkill, illegal kills, "nuisance" animals that are put down. However you feel about the policies of deciding what constitutes a "nuisance," we are so grateful that they have chosen to donate the meat to our group to distribute to members as we see fit.

We will occasionally get meat which has already been processed and broken down, such as the chubs of ground bear from last season. We occasionally will receive live animals such as carp, or recently deceased animals that need to be processed. Shannon and Carl are occasionally called as group representatives to help "harvest," spending their time, gas, and hunting supplies to help organize this for our group.

Up until recently we played fast and loose based on a quick post poll we did last year, but we need to be a little bit more organized with how we do this, so please, again, make sure you read and understand everything. This form is the information as well as the sign-up. We'll email a confirmation but please take notes if you feel it necessary.

Please consider joining the EAG Butcher's Block FB group for meat-specific ideas, swaps, and offerings: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eagmeat/.
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This form is for data-collection purposes only. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Board at: eugeneareagleaners@gmail.com. Please click to note that you understand we cannot answer questions sent in via this form, and that filling out this form does not guarantee your (virtual) place in "line" for any donation, nor does it guarantee that we will receive a donation on any timeline. (e.g. it could be years before your name comes up on anything you mark that you would accept.) *
What is your phone number (please include dashes)? Do you prefer a call or text? *
What is the best way to reach you? (If all, please only choose "all.") *
Because we are dealing with donations from an outside agency, we need to be very careful about tracking who receives what. As with many of our other regular donors, we are signing an agreement that the donations received are going ONLY to our group members to be used for their immediate household use ONLY, and we risk losing our donation status with them permanently if we violate that agreement. If you have any questions or don't understand, please ask rather than jeopardizing this important resource for the entire group. *
It isn't often that we have protein donated to the group. It's a pretty rare resource we want to distribute responsibly. Our group's ethos is everyone contributes. We want to be sure we are rewarding those who contribute and volunteer regularly. How do you contribute to the group? (IF YOU ARE LISTED ON THE VOLUNTEER LIST, DO NOT TYPE IN "OTHER". IF YOU ARE NOT LISTED, WE DON'T NEED A NOVEL. KEEP RESPONSES SHORT, PLEASE.) *
We're also trying to triage and prioritize people who are in need of a source of protein, who have a difficult time affording it. We do not collect financial information or make people prove need. This is on your honor to let us know where you fall. Your answer will be kept confidential. We realize this isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, so please choose the situation that fits you best "usually." *
We're trying to distribute the protein evenly based on family size. We're trying to be fair to 800+ members, many of whom are representing their family. Please give us the number in your immediate household only. *
What kinds of meat are you interested in? *
Are you interested in attending gleans in which meat which would need to be "harvested?" *
Even on gleans where the meat is already harvested and just needs processed, there is expenses involved regarding the time and gas to retrieve the animal, equipment involved in the harvest, sharpening the knives, the time it takes to show you how to process your own meat, refrigeration/freezer costs, and the cost involved with butcher paper. We don't want this to be cost prohibitive, but the fact is that Carl and Shannon have been paying this out of pocket. We suggest a contribution of 50-cents per pound for what is received. Is this something you would be able to do? *
Our group is about helping teach and share with those who are involved in contributing to the group. We don't want to hand over a whole carcass for someone to pay to have processed- that's just not what this is about/for. Are you willing to be present and help with the processing in any way you are physically able (at the Coopers' in Thurston, more often than not)? *
We sometimes may have "extras" available to the group. Please mark which items you may be interested in receiving. Please note you would be responsible for pickup in Thurston usually within 24 hours of being called. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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