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These are my rules if u skipped them from my. Post!! If you don't understand them feel free to message me before requesting Rn.

I will aim to accept and complete an minimum of 1 edit a week! But I will do more if I can.

If you need the edit by a deadline please don't request and wait on my edit just incase I don't complete it or accept it.

With that being said not all requests will be accepted and completed! I will be choosing them at random, either by a choice wheel (forgot what it's called 😂🎡) or if they are very simple!

If I have not posted your request by the time I open the form again. Then your request wasn't accepted and you are welcome to request again!

I will only accept requests from those who are following this account! (avani_.Epi)

If I complete your request then you must credit me when using on Instagram or in your story :)

Please remember that this a request not a commission and I will do this for free. So please be kind and do not try to rush me or ask me loads of times if I'm choosing yours because your request will be deleted.
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