Internship Host Organization Final Report
This Final Report form is required of organizations that participate in the Youth Internships program of the Digital Policy Branch of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada.
Host Organization *
Contact Name *
Contact Email *
Host Organization Type *
Host Organization Primary Sector of Activity *
Host Organization Primary Target Group *
What successes did you encounter in the delivery of the program this year? *
What difficulties did you encounter in the delivery of the program this year? *
Detail in-kind contributions provided. *
In-kind contributes are defined as donated goods and services such as training, technical services, supervision, workspace and equipment, secretarial support, and other services provided by the Host Organization free of charge.
Total fair market value of in-kind contributions *
Detailed explanation of all cash contributions provided over and above the money received from OLA/ISED *
Cash contributions include leveraged positions and salary top-ups provided.
Total amount of cash contributions *
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