Individual Accessibility Needs Survey for the Snowmass Summer Study
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Purpose and scope of this survey
This form gathers the information needed to plan for childcare and disability accommodations for participants in the Snowmass Summer Study. While earlier surveys have collected general information about needs, this non-anonymous, individual survey will give us the information we need to rent the correct amount and types of adaptive furniture, assistive listening devices, etc., to meet the needs of individual participants given the constraint of limited funding. Please answer yes for the services YOU personally will need.

Please note that this is SEPARATE from the survey sent out by CommF3, which is focused on gathering anonymous information for future accessibility improvements in the physics community.

This survey does not mention all forms of accessibility accommodations we plan to provide, but instead asks only about those for which we need individual-level information in order to rent the correct amount and type of equipment and services. For example, we don't ask about the need for wheelchair accessibility to meeting rooms because we plan to provide it for all rooms. We also don't ask about the need to use alt-text for images and colorblindness-compatible color schemes because we plan to ask all presenters to use these in their presentations.
The information on this form will be seen only by 1) members of the Local Organizing Committee, and 2) by UW staff members or volunteers who are directly providing these services. If you are uncomfortable providing this information via survey, please contact the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) at to provide the information in an alternative format. You must list your real name and contact information or we will be unable to book the services. We might contact you to ask for follow-up information, e.g., to make sure our planned accommodation will meet your needs.
What is your name? *
What is your email address? *
How likely are you to attend the Snowmass Summer Study in-person or remotely? *
Which science sessions to do you plan to attend? *
Which networking, education, and outreach sessions do you plan to attend? *
Audio accommodations
Do you require live captioning or ASL interpretation as an Americans with Disabilities Act accommodation?
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Do you request an assistive listening system?
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Mobility accommodations
Do you need transportation between buildings?
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Do you need a temporary disabled parking permit?
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If you need specific furniture in meeting rooms, please list your needs here:
If you require accommodations related to mobility in the room where you're staying (e.g., a low bed), please list your needs here:
Private space
Do you require access to private space, e.g., for breastfeeding, pumping breastmilk, or medical procedures?
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Do you require access to a refrigerator in/near this space?
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We are looking at the possibility of organizing centralized childcare. We are not sure yet whether it will be possible. If we do offer it, there might be little or no subsidy (parents might pay the full price.)
Is there a possibility that you will bring your children, will need childcare for them, and will be interested in a conference-provided childcare option?
Definitely yes
Definitely no
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If you might want childcare, which of the following options would be useful to you?
If you might want childcare, how many children and what ages?
Age 0-1
Age 2-4
Age 5-13
Age 14-17
Anything else?
Do you have any additional comments on your answers above? Any further details about specific types of services/equipment that do or don't work for you will allow us to serve you better.
Do you have any additional needs not covered in the questions above?
Thank you for completing this survey. Please contact the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) at with any questions.
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