Faith in Action SF Spring Congregational Training Cohort

Faith in Action Bay Area is working with a number of congregations across the City that have expressed interest in building relationships with one another, developing the leadership of congregational leaders to increase their social justice and congregational impact, both within the congregation and beyond. Doing this learning together increases both cross congregational relationships and Faith in Action’s capacity to work with a greater number of congregational partners. Additionally, in the current political climate, building together is more critical than ever, both to learn about those who are different, and to build powerfully in response to dramatic national policy change.


Through a series of trainings, leaders will engage with a faith-based framework frame to learn or deepen their organizing skill in order to more effectively organize within their congregations. These skills include exploring the faith based mandates for this work; identifying and recruiting new leaders for ministries including social justice, membership, and beyond; best practices for engagement in team meetings and broader congregational work; an anti-oppression framework, and an analysis of current issues, including immigration and housing. Leaders will also develop both concrete relationships with other faith leaders across the Faith in Action community.


Desire to learn and build relationships with others across difference

Desire to put learning into action

Participants should be connected to a congregation or organization in order to bring this learning back to a broader community

Participants should apply to participate with at least one other person from their community to strengthen the connection to the congregation and ability to bring back learning and create action


4 Tuesdays: 5/2 -5/23, 6:30-8:30pm
SF Location TBD
Sliding scale $10-$50

The application questions below are intended to give you space to think about some of the issues we'll be discussing, and to show a level of commitment to the training. No need to spend hours preparing perfect answers - we'll get to dig in together!

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