Court Watch WA Post-Observation Worksheet
Please fill out one per session.  Hearing about your overall experience observing court helps us a great deal beyond the case data you've collected.
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Date of Court Watch WA observation
Which court / courthouse / courtroom did you observe
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If Other, please tell us which Which court / courthouse / courtroom did you observe
Logistics: Please note any trouble you had getting into the building or court room, your experiences with court staff once inside, and any trouble you observed others having.
Court Actors: What stood out to you about the conduct of defense attorneys? Prosecutors? The Judge?
Atmosphere: How well could you hear and understand what was being discussed?  What could have been done to improve your understanding
Process: What case or cases concerned you most?  What about them was concerning?
Outcomes: Did you understand why decisions were being made the way they were? Did the outcomes seem consistent? Fair? Did you witness harsh or inequitable treatment?
Miscellaneous:  What is the most important thing you would tell someone about what you observed?  Is there anything else we didn't discuss that you think is important to include in the report?
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