TESOL France Call for Papers Spring Day May 18th 2019 - Speaker Proposal Form

There’s lot of talk about Gen X, Y, Z and Alpha, but what exactly does that mean for English language teaching? Spring Day 2019 will look at themes related to learning for the new generations, with a focus on practical activities.

The deadline has been extended to March 1, 2019. After this date, a designated committee composed of members who are familiar with the preferences of TESOL France conference goers will review the proposals. The committee reserves the right to reject any proposal that does not follow the guidelines described on the Spring Day 2019 proposals page on the TESOL France web site (https://www.tesol-france.org).

Accepted speakers will be notified by 15 March 2019. We’re sorry, but any advanced request for information on acceptance will be denied out of respect for the committee and the other candidates. An acknowledgment email must be sent by the speaker to tesolfrance@gmail.com by 1 April 2019.

Invitation letters can be sent to speakers on request. We’re sorry but we cannot provide speakers with invitation letters for visas prior to this date.

Based on previous conference feedback, we encourage speakers to use interactive formats that engage the audience and focus on specific, practical classroom techniques.

The conference fee is reduced to 30EUR for all speakers. Accepted speakers who are also paid-up TESOL France members (at the time of the event) can attend free of charge. TESOL France is unable to offer financial assistance related to travel or accommodation. We are sorry, but no travel or accommodation scholarships are available.

As you may or may not know, TESOL France will be changing its legal address and headquarters in this next year as Telecom Paristech will move to Saclay, a suburb outside of Paris. This is a HUGE change for TESOL France since Telecom Paristech has been our home from the beginning of organization in the 1980s. This will challenge us as we move to new facilities, seeking out ways to address new frontiers in teaching and leading with the new generations.

With this last Spring Day in this facility, we would like to encourage all of you to put forward ideas that will help us move towards these new frontiers.

Teach well and prosper.

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Theme: Welcomed topics can be related, but not limited, to the following : future generations,change and mindset, digital natives, learning platform literacy, setting objectives catered to student’s learning style, taking notes, mental offloading, reliance on the internet and social media (credibility of resources), short term vs long term memory, future uses of English amongst users, learning processes, school systems and models, empathy, etc… *
Technical Needs (please tick all that apply). We're sorry but we cannot provide more equipment than what is listed below. *
Please bring your laptop (PC or Mac - with necessary adapters). Due to technical constraints at the venue, we are unable to provide computers in the rooms. Each room is equipped with a projector, screen, VGA cable, speakers, high-speed ethernet (public internet) cable connection, a whiteboard and markers. Each room has amphitheater seating. We are sorry, but due to venue constraints, we cannot guarantee a room in which the tables and chairs can be moved. Please bring your own photocopies. A photocopier is not available at the venue. A photocopy shop across the street is open until 19:00 but is closed on Sunday
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