Host a South Sudanese Event
Let us know that you are interested in hosting an event and we will get back to you share more information and figure out next steps together. All these events will need to take place in September - October 2018.


-Share you Kitchen and Living Room (or event space)
-Provide Plates, Cups, Utensils
-Invite Your Friends and Family
-Provide alcohol, if that works with your crowd


-Share the Story (provide the presentation)
-Provide the Food (authentic South Sudanese food that Katie learned to cook in South Sudan last fall).
-Provide the Music/Soundtrack
-Set up a Table: Handmade South Sudanese wares and art in honor of South Sudan, more information about how to be a
part of Rebuild South Sudan.
-Bring the Projector
-MC the Evening (optional- as it makes sense for the tone of our evening with you)
-Build the Email Invites for the Evening (optional-as it makes sense for the tone of our evening with you)

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Watch more about our work in this documentary made by South Sudanese youth.
Our Work: Teacher Training, Leadership Development and Conflict Transformation Workshops (2017)
Our Work: The Panyach Primary School: provides education to girls and boys alike, but still needs walls. (2015)
Future Leaders of South Sudan: The children of Jalle excited about the school structure. (2013)
Our Work: Priority for women is integrated in all our programs. (2017)
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