Merge Merge Test: Round 3 Feedback
Let us know how your experience was with the server merge test.

All pilots with active accounts on Great Britain 2 and Global Europe 5 will get access to the test servers, and they will appear on their server selection screen

- Select Test Server 2 from the menu (Must do this as it serves as a bridge to Test 5/6)

- Great Britain 2 Users Only – Open the test server menu and select [Test Server 5]***
• You will then be automatically redirected to test6, which is merged with Global Europe 5.

- Global Europe 5 Users Only – Open the test server menu and select [Test Server 6]*​**

Visual Guide:
GB2 Users
GE5 Users
UserID of your main account
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Did all of your inventory make it over correctly? If not, what was missing?
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Did you notice any in-game issues on the merged test server? If so, please describe with as much detail as possible.
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If you were a Colonel / Chief Colonel / Basic General / General, did you receive a legacy title on the merge test? Include your UserID.
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Let us know whats on your mind :)
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