Worship Life Survey
The Church Council is asking each of you to tell them what you think about the church service and other related items. We are asking that you complete the following survey anonymously, unless you choose to identify yourself. There are several statements where you choose to strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, or strongly disagree. Other questions you pick the one most accurate response.
There is a space at the end of the questions, if you have additional information to provide. Also, there is an optional place to provide your name and contact information, if you would like a personal contact.
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The Sunday Service meets most of my needs: *
The length of Sunday Service is: *
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Generally, I am able to sing the hymns selected for the service: *
I prefer more contemporary music: *
I prefer more traditional music: *
The choir should primarily focus on major festivals of the church year: *
The praise team should assume a greater role in the Sunday Service: *
I would favor incorporation of more upbeat religious music into the service: *
I feel church leaders are concerned about the future of First Lutheran and make good decisions for the church: *
I feel the church council communicates adequately with the congregation: *
I feel yearly pledges are sufficient to handle rising expenses and ministries at First Lutheran: *
I feel the building is maintained in an acceptable manner: *
I feel preservation of the stained glass is important to the building and our congregation: *
I believe effective communication is important to the future of the church: *
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Please mark all that you prefer.
First Lutheran is considered a positive, active partner in the Saint Joseph community: *
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