First Presbyterian Church of Olney Survey
This year the church has started a new Membership Committee designed to learn about and serve our congregation. To that end, we are asking each person affiliated with Olney Pres. to take this brief survey so we are able to begin our discussions with good data. Thank you in advance for your participation!
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How would you classify your affiliation with Olney Pres.?
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Which age range applies to you?
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Do you bring children with you to church? If so, please select their age/s from the list below.
What racial/ethnic category do you fall into?
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Would you classify yourself as having any of the following impairments or needs?
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Please list your gender:
During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, how have you primarily been participating in worship with Olney Pres.?
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Do you follow Olney Pres. on Facebook?
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Prior to the pandemic, how often did you attend worship at this church?
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What is your primary reason for how often you typically attended Olney Pres. prior to COVID-19?
If you are not currently a member of Olney Pres., would you like someone to contact you about becoming a member? (If so, please list your name/phone/email at the end of the survey.)
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Are there any specific topics that you would like to hear about more often during Sunday services?
Is there anything you would like to see added to Sunday services?
Would you like to receive the church's newsletter and event notifications?
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Please provide any current contact information to the church for future communications: Name, Address, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Email Address,
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