Calvary Baptist Church Allentown Survey

Please answer the following questions by June 14, 2020. The Pulpit Committee will use your answers to guide our search for a new pastor. Thanks for your participation!
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Jennifer Godusky. *
Calvary has a "homey" feel. The pastor has good sermons. He is enthusiastic about everything. You are thinking of our church family by having prayer meetings. There is a core group of people who are there most of the time and I enjoy seeing them. We are multi-cultural and it is good to see all the friendly people enjoying church together. What are the strengths of our church? *
What are the needs of our church? I would like to see more young people under 50. More activities, maybe on a Saturday because I have a lot to prepare for work on Sundays. The hymnals are from a different era. Some contemporary music with musicians would be nice in addition to the opening music. *
What do we do well? The prayer group is wonderful. The picnics are a good opportunity to visit with people. I also liked the 4 week Bible studies with dinner. Calvary is very good at supporting each other. The music program is great. *
What do our neighbors need from us as a church? Some people come in looking for help but I do not know how much Calvary can offer in the form of money or support. I know the Deacons are helpful. *
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