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In this section, we ask you to identify what computer skills your child has. Try to describe as objectively as possible. It depends on what level of group we will recommend your child to. It is best to ask your child about all of these points before filling out this form, and even better - to check with you personally. Continue the phrase - my child knows how to:
App installation *
Before starting regular Roblox coding classes, we recommend to download and install the Roblox Studio app, which will be used for coding Roblox games. Make sure you have installed the application on your computer to complete this form. You can download the app at this link -
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Operating system requirements *
Please select one of two possible operating system options to be installed on your child's computer. The child's experience in it matters. If experience is not enough, please give your child a few lessons and show the main possibilities. Please note that Roblox Studio is not supported on Linux OS.
System hardware requirements *
Roblox Studio is an application for creating games, which requires a powerful computer that can not freeze while coding. Read the official Roblox hardware requirements carefully and check the boxes that match your computer's performance.
Internet requirements *
For a single-use household, and Roblox recommends a minimum 4-8 Mb/s internet connection. In larger households, greater bandwidth is advisable. To check your internet speed online, use the free website -
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If you qualify as a First Time Student at school, then you are eligible for a special one-time Welcome Bonus of CAD $25. Welcome onus is given to each of the students. This means that if you register two students at once, then each of them will get their own personal Welcome Bonus. Verification may take additional time to process this point in a form.
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If you came to us on the recommendation of students of our school, that student who recommended us will get $25 as Points.
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Based on Canada Government guidelines on limiting the spread of COVID-19, the is offering coding courses online.
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