Kaisa's Farewell Seminar - May 30th, 2016

Date: May 30th, 2016
Time: 9:00 - 12:30
Location: Finlandia Room, Lämpömiehenkuja 2, Espoo


    Session 1: 09:00-09:30 Valtteri Niemi (University of Helsinki): "Role of cryptography in 5G" 09:30-10:00 Céline Blondeau (Aalto University): "From Boolean Functions to Multidimensional Attacks" 10:00-10:30 Coffee Session 2: 10:30-10:50 Billy Brumley (Tampere University of Technology): "Cryptography 1942" 10:50-11:10 Kimmo Järvinen (Aalto University): "Challenges of Cryptographic Engineering" 11:10-11:30 Markku-Juhani Saarinen (Queen's University Belfast): "Towards Quantum Resistant Cryptography Standards" Panel Discussion: 11:40-12:30 "Crypto Professionals Outside Academia" Chair: Valtteri Niemi (University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland) Panelists: Joo Yeon Cho (NXP, Hamburg, Germany) Jan-Erik Ekberg (Trustonic, Helsinki, Finland) Risto Hakala (Ficora, Helsinki, Finland) Maarit Hietalahti (Ficora, Helsinki, Finland) Mikko Kiviharju (Finnish Defence Forces, Riihimäki, Finland) Andrea Röck (Cryptolog, Paris, France)

    Unusual Location

    !!!!! The seminar is not in the Computer Science building. The room is at the following location: Lämpömiehenkuja 2, Espoo https://www.google.com/maps/place/L%C3%A4mp%C3%B6miehenkuja+2,+02150+Espoo,+Finland/@60.1820606,24.8294389,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x468df58d591a6c0d:0x3ce7cb31d2a1d07c!8m2!3d60.1821528!4d24.8316469 There is a small parking in front of the building.