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Hello and welcome, welcome, welcome! This is a short questionnaire to be considered for the Bree's Honeybees, my advanced reader copy team!
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By clicking this checkbox and submitting this form, you understand that this form is only in consideration of being in the Bree's Honeybees and isn't a completely guaranteed spot. I'll probably be sending different books to different people and this means  even if you don't get a book NOW, you could definitely get one in the future! <3

I one hundred percent support content creators but I also cannot pay for reviews because of FCC stipulations and, I just wouldn't feel right about it. So, while I appreciate the offers, paying for reviews is not for me!
Do you have any questions or comments for me? I got you! [If it's a really good one, it might make an appearance on my next newsletter if I feel like it needs to be addressed!]
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