Sponsored by the Latino Center for Leadership Development ( in partnership with the John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies ( Southern Methodist University.

The Latino Center for Leadership Development (LCLD) in partnership with the John Goodwin Tower Center at Southern Methodist University is now accepting proposals for research grants. The LCLD is committed to understanding and addressing the growing challenges and opportunities the Latina/o population faces in the United States.

While the LCLD-SMU Policy Institute partnership is open to supporting research on any academic topic related to the Latina/o community, priority will be given to research projects with public policy implications on pressing topics such as immigration, criminal justice, education, poverty, health, economy, infrastructure, urban planning, civil rights, housing, LGBTQ rights, and inequality. Grantees will be expected to write policy-focused working papers and short briefs suitable for both academic/scholarly audiences as well as policymakers, practitioners, and community members.

• Direct connection to major issues facing the Latina/o community
• Policy-oriented or policy-focused
• Innovative topic and/or methodology with timely policy implications
• Emphasis on policy-based solutions
• Contribution to Latina/o research
• Clearly articulated benefit to Latina/o communities

**PLEASE NOTE** Unfortunately we are unable to review or provide any feedback on proposals before submission. If you are interested in applying for funding through the program but are unsure if your proposal is appropriate, please review the application information, eligibility information, and Latino Center for Leadership Development's goals ( carefully before submitting.

• Individuals or teams (of no more than 4) may apply (Applicants must designate principal investigator)
• Eligible applicants include faculty with doctoral degrees and students enrolled in doctoral programs at higher education institutions, as well as individuals with doctoral degrees with positions in national and local research-based and public policy institutions and/or organizations

Applicants may request up to $10,000. Awards may not be used for indirect costs or institutional overhead.

By accepting an award, grantees agree to the following:
1) Provide a 6-month progress report (one-page)
2) Provide a one-page summary of the funded research written for non-academic audiences for public dissemination on the LCLD website within one (1) year of grant acceptance.
3) In accordance to mutually agreed timeline, contribute four (4) additional materials focused on the policy implications for public dissemination on the LCLD website (Materials can vary from short blog postings (1-page), videos, podcasts, etc.).
4) Acknowledge receipt of funding from the LCLD-SMU Policy Institute partnership in any publications and/ or presentations using language provided by LCLD-SMU.
5) If requested, serve as a guest speaker or panelist in a policy forum sponsored by LCLD-SMU. Grantees will not be paid honorariums to participate in these forums, but expenses will be covered by the LCLD-SMU partnership. These forums may take place during or after the award period. The LCLD-SMU will contact grantees at a later time to schedule participation.
6) Submit grant expense report one year after receiving award. Funds must be used within one year of award.

Please submit applications through this form. Information regarding the application may be found at the SMU Tower Center website. The EXTENDED DEADLINE for submitting proposals is April 15, 2018. Notifications will be sent by June 15, 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Danielle Lemi ( or Dr. Jennifer Cook (

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