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Thank you for being interested in adopting from Pet Angel Adoption. Due to COVID-19, we are still operating under new procedures with adoptions to keep our human volunteers and staff safe so they can continue caring for the animals.

We ask that every adopter first looks at our available cats and kittens online to see if anyone perks your interest. Some of our kitties may be looking for certain types of homes, like ones with no children, other animals, or even have special needs. Some kitties may be open to everything, but we think its important you are sure that we have a kitty you want to visit before you submit an application. We spend a lot of time with our cats, and write biography’s on each cat’s past, what they love, what they don’t like, and what they want in a future home online! We ask that you browse our kitties and submit an application only if one seems like they would fit your family and what you are looking for. This way you don’t come in just to find out there isn’t a kitty that could be placed with your family. You can see their photos and bio’s here:

If you see a couple cats that fit into your home and you would like to meet several in person before you decide, that is perfectly okay too! We want help you find a cat that also loves you in return! However, we still ask that you browse the kitties online to make sure we have somebody that fits with your family, and that you want to come meet. You are welcome to put more than one cat’s name on the application, just specify whether you want to adopt all of them in a multiple adoption or pick from them and only adopt one cat. If two kitties are posted together, they are a bonded pair and we are looking to place them in a home together. We are not willing to separate bonded pairs.

Applications are helped in the order of which they are received. This means that every kitty has a “line,” if you will. When an application is submitted and that cat’s name is on the application, that application is put “in line” for the cat. If you are the first person to submit an application that kitty, you are first in line. If somebody submits an application after yours, they are next in line behind you and will only be able to meet that cat if your application falls through for any reason. By submitting this application, you are putting yourself inline for adoption, and if your application is reviewed and approved, you and your entire household will be invited into the rescue for a meet and greet. If everyone in your household gets along with the kitty, and the kitty likes everyone in return, you will be able to adopt the kitty. However, please understand your application has to go through the approval process first. By submitting this application, you are not guaranteed the cat, and the cat is not put on hold for you. We continue accepting applications on the cat until your meet and greet, just incase.

To approve your application after we receive it, One of our office staff will contact you (Tuesday through Friday) for a phone interview first. This is an informal conversation just to make sure all the information is accurate on your application, and gather a little more information on you, your family and what you’re looking for in a kitty. This way, we can make sure we have a cat that will fit well with your family!

After this phone conversation, your application will be reviewed and we will check your Vet reference and Personal reference. If you rent, we also need to confirm with your landlord that you are allowed to have a cat in the unit you are renting. Checking references may take several days, but if you give your references a heads up that we may be calling, it seems to speed up the application process. For your vet reference, you will NEED to contact your vet and give them permission to speak with us BEFORE you submit your application. If your vet does not have permission to speak to us, due to HIPPA laws, they will not be able to speak with us, and we will not be able to get your application approved. After your references are checked, if your application is approved, you will be approved for a meet and greet and we will call you back to set up an appointment time. We are conducting meet and greets for adoptions by appointment only for the safety of our employees, volunteers and as well as you- our guests! When you come for your appointment, the only people in the building will be 2-3 of our employees and your family.

If at any point during the adoption process your application is denied, we will email you. Please keep an eye on your email inbox.

While filling out your application, please be sure to read ALL questions and provide all information requested in full and truthfully. Any misrepresentation of facts may result in losing adoption privileges. Please be sure to double check that both your phone number and email are correct. (Sometimes, there is a typo and then I can’t contact you!)

If you are interested in our special needs cat named Eve, PLEASE call Pet Angel Adoption directly at 989-652-0552 after you submit this adoption application and speak with Nancy, Abby, or leave a voicemail.

Thanks so much again for wanting to adopt from Pet Angel Adoption and Rescue! We look forward to speaking with you!!
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