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At Pet Angel Adoption, we specialize in bonded pairs, overlooked & extra-need cats and kittens, and are searching for the perfect families that fit with them and their needs so they can find their forever homes! 
To achieve this goal, we help match you with your perfect kitty by looking at you and your family, your lifestyle and other pets, to find you a kitty that is going to match the harmony in your home perfectly. If you are not looking for a bonded pair, shy, or extra-needs cat, please don't continue with this application. 

If you’re looking for a snuggly lap cat who will sit with you while you do your favorite hobbys, we want to match you up with a kitty who will love to snuggle and enjoy watching you knit, play video games, or even watch movies with you! If you have children or other pets, we want your new furry family member to enjoy a relationship with your children and other pets, so they all get along and live together happily. If you are a brand new cat-parent, and this will be your first cat ever, we want to help you find a cat that will make cat-ownership enjoyable and fun for you. If you have experience or interest in owning a shy cat, one that has been abused, or one that has special needs, we want to help match you up with the cat that has been waiting for you!

When you adopt from Pet Angel, you aren’t given a room full of cats and we say “Pick one, good luck!” We help you through the whole process. We show you the cats that will get along with everyone in your home (including your other pets) and the energy level to match your already-existing family, and help you find which cat will be the perfect one to join your family. We help prepare you for your new addition, and even coach you through how to transition them into your home and their new life with the lease amount of stress as possible. We fully vet them, and walk you through their former vet care, so you know where they’re at medically, and you know what you need to do moving forward. We show you their favorite toys, beds, and even send you home with the food they’re currently eating, so they’re comfortable in the transition and happy they’re there!

We don’t just give you a cat, we truly give you your new family member and your guaranteed best friend! If you’re ready to find that furry best friend, we’re ready to get started!
Here is how we do it!

1) Browse our adoptable cats photos and biography’s online, and submit an application! Please use the link provided below to browse our adoptable cats and kittens photos and biography's online to see if any of the cats we have fit with you, your family, your other pets, and your lifestyle!
Applications are helped in the order of which they are received, and based on the right home for the cat. So be sure you know which kitty might fit best with your home and who you’d like to meet!

2) We’ll call you for an informal phone interview! To find out about your home, what you’re looking for in a cat, and if we have your purrfect match! We work on applications during office hours, so depending on when you submit your application, we may take a few days to reach out.

3) We check your references! This may take a few days to complete if your references aren’t expecting our call.

4) When you’re application is approved, we set up a Meet and Greet with your entire household to see if we have your new best friend!

Pet Angel does not have open hours, and we operate by appointment only. However, we are in the office Tuesday- Friday 11-5 and are always happy to talk more in depth over the phone about our cats, and help you find your perfect match during those hours!

Please note, to approve your application, we need to speak with your vet for the vet reference. Most vets in the state of Michigan will not speak to us on your vet history without you giving permission first. PLEASE call your vet BEFORE submitting your application and give them permission to speak to us about both your current and former pets history! This will make checking references much easier, and make your adoption process move more swiftly. Additionally, if you rent, we will need to check with your landlord that you are permitted to have a cat in the unit you are renting.

If at any point during the adoption process your application is denied, we will email you. Please keep an eye on your email inbox.

While filling out your application, please be sure to read all questions thoroughly and provide all information requested in full and truthfully. Any misrepresentation of facts may result in losing adoption privileges. Lastly, please double check your email and phone number before moving on. If this information is not correct, we are unable to contact you.

Thank you so much for choosing to adopt from Pet Angel. We are excited to help you find your new best friend!
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