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Thank you for being interested in adopting from Pet Angel Adoption! Due to COVID-19, our adoption process has changed! Before we explain the COVID adoption procedures, Please note: by submitting this application, you are not approved to adopt a specific cat and that cat is not put on hold for you. This is a general application to be approved to come for a meet and greet. Applications will be helped in the order they are received, and there may have been an application submitted on the cat before you, which we will inform you about if that is the case. But please understand that submitting this form does not guarantee you a cat.

After your application is received, we will review your application. Once your application is reviewed, we will call you at the primary phone number on the application for a phone interview. This phone interview is meant to gather more information on you and your family, and to see if we have a cat that would fit with what you’re looking for and your lifestyle.
After your phone interview, your application will be reviewed and your references will be checked. This may take several days. After your references are checked, if your application checks out, you will be approved for a meet and greet and we will call you back to set up an appointment time. We are conducting meet and greets and adoptions by appointment only for the safety of our employees, volunteers and guests. When you come for your appointment, the only people in the building will be 2-3 of our employees and your family. All person’s inside the building will be required to wear a facemask throughout your entire visit.

If at any point during the adoption process your application is denied, we will email you. Please keep an eye on your email inbox.

While filling out your application, please be sure to read ALL questions thoroughly and provide all information requested. Please also be sure that you double check your email address and phone number, if it is submitted with the wrong email or phone number, I’m not able to contact you. Please keep an eye on your email inbox just incase your phone number was submitted incorrectly. Also, your vet NEEDS to be contacted and given permission to speak with us BEFORE you submit your application. If your vet does not have permission to speak to us from you, they will not speak with me, and we are not able to get your application approved.

Please note, by submitting this application, you may not be approved for this cat. Some cats already have applications that have been submitted on them, and applications are helped in the order of which they are received. This application is to help us decide if this cat is the right fit for your family, provide us the information needed to conduct an adoption, and get you approved for a meet and greet to see if the cat gets along with you and your family to be your new family member.

If you are interested in one of our special needs cats (Eve or Pinot) Please call Pet Angel Adoption directly at 989-652-0552 BEFORE submitting your application.
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