Ontology Triones Seed Node Application Form
Ontology is committed to building an open-source, open-minded, and collaborative distributed trust ecosystem. This relies on the technology, applications, and governance of the entire Ontology chain network. Ontology will use the "Triones Consensus System" for the chain network. The system provides distributed, high-performance expansion support with an incentive mechanism to achieve a comprehensive and balanced governance model. The candidates of Triones consensus node group will include communities, professional organizations, and geeks from all over the world. They will constitute Ontology ecosystem co-builders, together helping develop Ontology's trust ecosystem.

1)Seed node enlistment time:
00:00 June 1st, 2018 - 23:59 July 9th 2018 (UTC+8)

2)Seed node enlistment requirements:
1. The candidate needs a minimum stake of 100,000 ONT.
2. The candidate needs to provide the required software and hardware network environment for running Ontology nodes.
3. The candidate needs to complete the questionnaire. Approved candidates will be published on the enlistment home page.
4. The candidate needs to pass all ONT ID verifications.

For complete seed node enlistment rules and regulations please consult this document: https://
For any comments or inquiries, please email us at contact@ont.io.

We declear that the information submitted herein for the purpose of Ontololgy node competition is true, correct and properly authorised. We agree that Ontology Foundation, at its own discretion, may decide to make the above information public when necesssay.


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