Secular Solstice Registration NYC 2022
NYC Secular Solstice will take place on Dec 10 at the Bruno Walter Auditorium.  Please arrive at 6:15pm.

As you may recall, in previous years we registered using Eventbrite which took a large cut and provided no useful tools.  Google Sheets may not provide any useful tools either, but at least it doesn't take a cut.
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For determining payment, please use the following guidelines for each attendee:

$15: I'm new and/or broke
$35: Normal ticket
$65: I make programmer/doctor/quant money and don't usually bother reading two digit price tags
$100: I want to make sure Solstice keeps happening
$500: I want to make really sure Solstice keeps happening

Please send the money directly to me, Daniel Speyer,
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Megameetup registration is separate and can be found at
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