Expression of Interest / 興味のあることについて教えてください!
Every year we receive plenty of ideas worth sharing in a short span of time. Unfortunately, we can only feature a small theme-fitted selection for the main event, as well as Salon events. This is why we decided to hear from you ALL YEAR LONG!!! Starting from now, your interests will be our main power source and you will be our own muse. Tell us what you want to talk or hear about, share your ideas and allow us to showcase some hidden gems through TEDxTohokuUniversity.



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Please describe your idea as deeply as possible. Please tell us where the idea came from and how you plan to share it using TEDxTohokuUniversity platform (around 200 words). あなたのアイデアについてできる限り深く詳しく説明してください。 そのアイデアがどこから来たのか、TEDxTohokuUniversityのステージでどのように共有する予定なのかについても教えてください。(300文字程度でお願いします)
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We are currently interested in topics related to these categories, but we're open to getting more from you as well! (現在私たちはこれらのカテゴリに関連するトピックに興味を持っていますが、皆さんからの更なる新しいトピックも大歓迎です!)
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