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Government Guidance 9th September 2020
In light of the government's announcement on the 9th September 2020 all groups of 7 or more must either be:

- From one household
- Work / corporate booking
- Educational booking
- Sports team

It is the individual's responsibility to ensure they comply with the regulations. As accommodation providers, we provide a property to a single household for a single booking.

Already booked and don't feel you qualify? You have the following options:

1. You can keep your booking and trust that the restrictions are lifted in time for your stay.  You will need to pay the full amount as usual if you want to do this.

2. You can reduce your group to one household or 6 people and keep your booking (this would really help us out!)

3. You can postpone your dates and rebook for 2021.  You can rebook the same dates with no additional charge or you can use your credit towards a higher rate weekend.  If you would like to do this then we need to know you want to postpone within 7 days.  We don't have to have agreed on the dates but we do need to know that you are not going to come on the original dates booked to enable us to resell the dates to a qualifying group.  Once you have requested a postponement we cannot then change this to a refund.

As a thank you for your understanding, if you select any of these options we will offer you either an early check-in or a late check-out free of charge. Please let us know which you would like with as much notice as you can give us.

If we do not from you by Wednesday 16th September 2020 we will assume your group is compatible with the new government guidelines and we look forward to welcoming you to the property soon.

Thank you for all of your cooperation during these unprecedented times.
UPDATE 9/9/20 If your party exceeds 6 please confirm which option applies to your group. Please note, we do not have the facilities to 'check-up' on your answer. *
We want to assure you that we are COVID-SAFE, with:

- Contactless check-in and out- Anti viral misting in between changeovers to ensure every single surface has been treated with antiviral treatment. Cleaning products (Zoono and Tersano) are applied to all high touch areas and offer viral protection for up to 30 days. You can wipe down these surfaces as you would normally without removing the product.

- Stringent adherence to covid cleaning guidance making the property 'COVID-SAFE'- Additional cleaning products in the property for you to use throughout your stay

- Cleaners to wear PPE when getting the house ready for you

- All staff and contractors have completed a 2-hour 'Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness course'- Date reschedule or full refund if there is a ban on non-essential travel or 'lockdown'

- Social distancing and safe practice guidelines for inside the property

It is your responsibility to ensure you are following current government guidelines as to how many households / people can be in the same accommodation together, regarding social distancing and following any other appropriate national or local guidance.

Please do not travel if you have any symptoms, if you have been in direct contact with anyone with a confirmed test or if they have been advised to isolate by the NHS Track and Trace service.

Nobody who has been advised to shield should travel to the property.  Anyone who considers themselves to be extremely vulnerable should not travel to the property.

A recommendation for all guests to do a temperature check before travel, or even a test for COVID-19 if that offers you some reassurance.

Clear and strict instructions that if symptoms develop whilst they are at the property that they leave immediately on their own in their cars and go straight home to isolate.  

We are lucky to have a large property with numerous bathrooms and larger than average kitchen, this will help with maintaining more of a distance with members of your group if you feel you would prefer to do this.

If you feel that your group is too large to keep a distance within the house then there are many clean and safe accommodation options nearby where you can book yourself a room.
Within the house, we are recommending:
-Guests to remove shoes and outerwear on arrival and leave in the entrance of the house

-There are many bathrooms in the property and the guests are advised to nominate who uses which bathrooms and stick to that

- There are many windows and doors in the property and the guests should utilise these to maintain good ventilation where possible.

- If there is a garden at the property it is recommended that this is a space used to socialise where possible.

- Guests should not share glasses, cutlery or crockery.  There are plenty of all of these things in the house and they should be washed properly in the dishwasher before it is used again.

- Please keep good hand hygiene at all times, washing hands and forearms for least least 20 seconds on leaving or returning back to the property

- If possible we would love you to maintain cleaning standards as you would your own home, wiping things down after use etc

- Strictly no one other than the guests themselves to enter the property at any time, with the exception of a repair contractor.

-Face masks to be kept in the property under the sink in case a guest develops symptoms to put on immediately

- We recommend that you travel to the property in your own car so that you avoid public transport and also so that you have your own car available if you develop symptoms and need to leave.  There are many parking options available which are included in the pre-arrival information.  
Before check-out we require you to help protect our cleaners by:
- Strip down all of the beds and leave all of the bedding in the linen bag provided.

- Double bag all of your rubbish, including the rubbish from the bathroom and bedroom bins and put the rubbish in the wheelie bins.

- Ensure all recyclable glass bottles are left in the recycling box outside the house rather than leaving these inside the house.

- Leave the rear windows open on the morning you are checking out to ensure good ventilation throughout the property before check out.  Please ensure these are shut before you leave the property.

- If for any reason a cleaner or maintenance person has to access the property while you are at the property we ask you remain in another room with the door closed or leave the property temporarily where possible. Social distancing of at least 2 metres must be maintained.
For the safety of Guests, Cleaners and our local community, we have introduced the following guest rules:
- Guests must inform us if they have developed symptoms during their time in Newquay to allow us to do a pre-fogging treatment before our cleaners enter the property

- The UK government recommend wearing face coverings when entering shops and using public transport, we believe this to be sound advise and recommend face coverings are worn when outside the property whenever social distancing isn't possible or inside any enclosed space outside your holiday home

- All guests MUST fill in the guest list detailing who is staying at the property before arrival.  This form is sent to you in the 'Pre Arrival Information'.
So we can assist the government in their test and trace efforts it is vital we receive contact information for every single member of your group. No one can be missed off. Please include as much contact information as you can but at very least each guests full name and contact telephone number.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION AND YOU WILL BE REFUSED ENTRY TO THE PREMISES IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION TO US. This information will not be sold or shared with anyone except NHS England Test & Trace on request.
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