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Welcome to the Pray America/Manos de Jesus Team Member Trip Registration Form.  Once your Team Leader has confirmed a trip date with a deposit, each team member must fill out the registration form below.  This will ensure that we can provide proper Travel Insurance for each team member as well as other details such as transportation and meals.

We look forward to serving along side of you soon!

Thank you,
The Pray America/Manos de Jesus Staff

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I sent my $50 trip deposit on (mm/dd/yyyy): *
(Final payment due to Pray America 4 weeks prior to travel)
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TEAM MEMBER AGREEMENT: I understand that Pray America is a non-profit company serving the needs of widows and orphans in Guatemala and is not responsible for any cancellation, errors or omissions on my behalf or on behalf of the group or suppliers providing travel services as a result of this reservation. Nor is Pray America responsible for weather, or unforeseen conditions in a third world country. I accept that Pray America has the right to terminate my stay, at any time, at my expense, if for any reason my behavior, language or action is offensive or detrimental to the ministry, staff or those being served. Medical coverage: I understand that trip insurance is supplied by Pray America to protect team members from extreme medical expenses due to illness or injury while participating at the Pray America/Manos de Jesus ministry, and is included in the trip package cost. Cancellation: I understand that my trip deposit of $50 for the land portion of my trip is non-refundable and I understand the cancellation policy of Pray America/Manos de Jesus as being: * 60 days or more before travel date = Refund of monies paid above and beyond the $50 non-refundable deposit * 30 days and less before travel date = No refund of monies paid as the funds have gone towards hiring of suppliers and purchasing materials for the group. **Airfare is not included in the above policy and must be reconciled with the individual airline once purchased. Any monies already paid to the airline on behalf of your airfare will be reimbursed to Pray America / Manos de Jesus. I agree to pay all charges, fees, or penalties, and hereby hold Pray America/ Manos de Jesus free of any claims made as a result of the changes/cancellation of my travel reservation. *
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