8th Grade funds disbursement
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the 8th grade trip to Catalina Island on April 29-May 1st, 2020 had to be canceled. Due to the many fundraisers our school held, we have about $5,000 in our 8th Grade fund that can be spent on something else. Since the students participated in the fundraising, they have a say in how it can get spent. It is considered school money so it needs to be used for the school or a school sponsored event/project.

Tax credits have even more guidelines than school group money, so I have not included those dollars in this amount. It can be added back if the funds can be used for the final decision. If you would like to have your tax credit go to a specific class, please email me: beckyfitch@fppspv.net

Here are the choices for the disbursement.
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