Grethe B's Commission application form

Themes I draw:
sexy poses, skimpy clothing, fun proportions, monsters, animals, anthro, fanart, fantasy.

Themes I do not draw:
mechanics, robots, vehicles, buildings and detailed landscapes.

NSFW content is OK. But it will only be published on these sites;
NSFW Commission Twitter:

1. I will start the commission when payment has gone through paypal and I recieve the confirmation mail.

2. I will not draw mature content pictures, Like: Hentai, Exposed genitals, yaoi, yuri, Yiff and those typical “extreme fetishes”. Mild nudity is accepted. I mostly keep my work PG-13.

3. If you want me to draw your character, send a good ref. Please tell me in detail and very specifically how you want your commission done (unless you give me artistic freedom).

4. If you want more than 1 character on the pic, there will be added +15$ for each added character.

5. I will only redraw small details, such as background issues, outfit issues, objects, etc. I will not redraw poses that are not specified in the details due to the fact that this usually would require me to start the whole image over again. If you want me to show you the pose ideas, please request in your description some gestural sketches so I can show you what I have in mind.

6. Be very clear on what you exactly want. Write down the type of commission and the the info of what you want. Do not bring more details a few days later after submitting your commission request. I will draw what was originally agreed upon.

7. Don't expect me to finish your piece after just one day. Sometimes, depending on character design and how complex, a piece can take a little longer.

8. What you see in my galleries is what I make. Don't ask for anything you don't see there. I do character illustrations, not graphic designs or logos. Also if a commission is way out of my league, I have the right to decline said Commission.

9. If you want your product to be used as wallpapers(monitor/phone etc), please provide sizes ex: 1920 × 1080 etc and state this in description. I usually draw the commissions on either vertical or horizontal A4 as default. Depending on pose and sketch. This also applies for banners for websites etc.

10. If your character is "inspired" by another persons character, remember there is something called copyright and plagiarism. if you can contact owner of said inspired character, especially if these are other artists, please contact them first before ordering. This is to prevent both you as a client and me from legal issues.

11. As a client, you have no right to mint/sell the commissioned piece for NFT/cryptocurrency.

Contact me at:
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Commission description
Please tell me a organized, but short description of what you would like the commission to be. Character mood/expression, theme(pinup, cute, settings etc)
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So I can contact you about your order and payment (this is also where your sketch WIP will be sendt). PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR SPAM FOLDER~
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If you don't agree to my TOS, then you will not get a commission.
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