LEADERS Easter Camp Registration Form 2021
Please Note: This is the registration form for LEADERS ONLY.
If you are coming to camp as a leader, please fill in this form here: https://forms.gle/nY2tQJC3tJnoVuNQA

Please fill in one registration form per Leader.
You must be a leader of a youth ministry to fill in this form - Please chat with your Key Leader about this before filling in this form.

If you are under 18, you must have your parents/guardians permission to fill in this form. Please make sure they are with you as you enroll as there are some check boxes at the bottom they will need to agree to. Please make sure you've read and fit the registration requirements, and that the person this form is for has read the camp rules and agrees to abide by them during camp.

These can all be found on the Easter Camp website: www.pcyouth.co.nz
Registration Requirements: www.pcyouth.co.nz/register/
Camp Rules: https://pcyouth.co.nz/rules/
General Information
First Name *
Last Name *
Phone Number *
Address *
Age *
Birthday *
Gender *
Your Email
Important information will be emailed out prior to camp. Please make sure the email you provide is one that is checked regularly.
Dietary needs/ medical conditions
In what leadership capacity are you attending as?
Clear selection
We have a lot of activities happening at camp that we will need help with! Please check any boxes of things you would be willing to help with and we will be in contact.
Church/Youth Group *
Emergency Contact Details
Name *
Phone *
Relationship to camper *
ie, mother/father etc
Permissions etc
If you are under 18, your parents/guardians must read these and check them off.
I give permission for any photos / video of me / my child to be used by Presbytery Central Youth Ministry Task Group for purposes in print, on the Presbytery Central Facebook page, newsletter and websites (Presbytery Central and Easter Camp). *
I give consent to the Easter Camp Leadership team obtaining medical treatment for myself or my child if necessary and that I will be required to reimburse any costs related to this. *
Please check only one option. If you are under 18, you must get your parent/caregiver to read and agree to this section.
I have read the Leadership expectations and agree to abide by them while attending Easter Camp 2021 *
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