WBU Barrie & WBU Newmarket Spring Nature Themed Zoom Seminars
To view any of the below presentations you will need to have the Zoom app downloaded to your preferred device. Zoom invite will be emailed out the day of the presentation to the email registered below. All seminars will be presented by WBU Barrie and WBU Newmarket's very own bird, wildlife and native plant gardening expert Kristen Martyn. Each presentations is approximately 50 mins in duration and we will leave time at the end to answer your questions. Presentations are FREE to attend!

We are limited to 100 people per seminar. Once we hit 100 registrations, you can still sign up; however we will only be able to share the recording after the presentation has been uploaded to YouTube.
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Hummingbirds: Nature's Miracles- Wed. April 21 at 7 pm EST (Presentation Recording Only)
Against all odds - hummingbirds are truly nature’s miracle!  The Ruby-throated Hummingbird is one of the smallest birds in the world, and yet it is a champion acrobat and long-distance flyer. This presentation focuses on hummingbird feeding and foraging, nesting behaviour, migration and profiles some interesting hummingbirds.  Through this presentation Kristen looks at the fascinating lives of hummingbirds and provides helpful tips for attracting them to your yard.
Orioles: Birds With a Sweet Tooth- Wed. April 28 at 7 pm EST (Presentation Recording Only)
Orioles are one of the most colourful backyard birds, and they have some of the most interesting diets. Join Kristen as she focuses on oriole feeding and foraging, nesting behaviour, and migration as well as profiling Ontario two oriole species. This presentation is packed full of oriole photos, and is a must hear for anyone who enjoys orioles or wishes to attract them into their yard. 
Powerful Pollinators- Wed. May 5 at 7 pm EST (Presentation Recording Only)
You’re probably familiar with some of the pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. However, you may be surprised to learn the identity of some of the other pollinators. Join Kristen as she takes a closer at the pollinators including the different groups of pollinators and how you can support them in your yard. Spoiler alert- pollinators need more than flower nectar. This presentation is packed full of interesting facts and pollinator photos.
Gardening for the Birds - Wed. May 12 at 7 pm EST (Presentation Recording Only)
Creating a refuge in your own backyard will improve the lives of birds and other wildlife and it is a fun and rewarding activity for your family, too. Through this presentation Kristen explores how you can create a garden for the birds and other wildlife to enjoy.  This presentation focuses on the four key elements of attracting wildlife as well as the use of specific types of plants (with emphasis on native plants). This presentation is packed full of photos of local backyard birds and wildlife, and is a must hear for anyone who enjoys gardening and is always looking for ways to bring wildlife into their yard. 
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