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Foundation Type
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If you selected "Elevated on a Crawlspace", is the distance from the floor of the crawlspace to the top of the next floor MORE than 5 feet?
If you selected "Basement", is the basement floor below grade on all 4 sides?
Does your building have any certified Flood Vents?
Elevated Buildings Only
Answer this section if your building is elevated either on a crawlspace or piers
Is the building located over water?
Building is elevated by means of:
Enclosure Wall Construction
If you have a crawlspace is there any machinery, equipment, or appliances contained in the crawlspace?
Select Garage Type *
If you have a garage does it have more than 20 linear feet of finished wall, paneling etc?
If you have a garage is it used for any other purpose other than building access, parking of vehicles, or storage?
If you have a garage what size is it?
Either number of car spaces or square footage
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Please Indicate if you have any of the following items in your garage:
Does this building contain an elevator? *
Building Type / Contents location
How many stories is your building? *
IMPORTANT: the floor of the crawlspace, or floor of the basement counts as one floor
Prior Flood Losses
In the past 10 years have you had any flood claims or Federal disaster relief payments? *
If "yes" please provide details:
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The Coverage you Would Like to Carry
How much coverage do you wish to carry on this building? *
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How much contents(personal property) coverage would you like to carry for items contained in this building? *
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Elevation Certificate
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