Solar Campaign Internships with Environment Massachusetts
Environment Massachusetts is building a clean and renewable future powered by the sun.

We could meet all of America’s energy needs by capturing just a sliver of the virtually limitless and pollution-free energy of the sun. And we're making a lot of progress: in Massachusetts, solar energy has grown more than 100-fold since 2008.

But we’re still getting most of our electricity from dirty sources like coal and gas, and powerful fossil fuel companies threaten to stop solar in its tracks. Right now, we’re building support for a goal of 20% solar in Massachusetts by 2025. In order to persuade our governor to get behind a big vision on solar energy, we’ll mobilize public support and build a powerful coalition of businesses and elected officials.

We're also working to restore Clean Water Act protections to thousands of miles of streams in Massachusetts and cut global warming pollution from America’s power plants.

We're hiring interns for the summer and the fall semester. Summer interns work 20-40 hours per week, and fall semester interns typically work 10-15 hours per week. The position is unpaid.

Fill in the form below to apply for a summer or fall internship! We'll contact you soon about the next steps in our process.

Questions? Contact Ben Hellerstein:, 617-747-4368.
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