★★★ PSF - BLUES ★★★
TASTER LESSONS Blues 3h and Full Parties (Free Lesson Musicality)
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We always suggest to register as a couple but if you are alone we will try to find somebody for you
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HOTEL Parma & Congressi DISCOUNT
Reduction of 10 euro/single and 20 euro/couple on the lessons packet price for all the people who make a reservation at the Parma & Congressi Hotel. Please write your Hotel prenotation number when you buy your lessons packet.
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Your registration is complete only when we receive your payment. We accept bank transfer to the following coordinate:

Name of beneficiary: CRAZY BALLET ASD
Reason for transfer: your complete name, the workshop you choose, Parma Swing Festival 2017
Bank Coordinates: IBAN: IT 82 Z 02008 66411 000100 130736 BIC: UNCRITM1V24

Total pack 110€ at person

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