PickleballGuide.net - Product Reviewer & Content Writer Needed
We're looking for a pickleball enthusiast based in the US to work with PickleballGuide on a freelance basis.
Please read the paragraphs below to ensure you're a good fit and answer the questions to hear back from us.

The job consists of:
  • Testing a wide range of pickleball gear (paddles, balls, etc.) in a collaboration with PickleballCentral (one of the leading retailers in the industry)
  • Writing hands-on reviews on the tested products to be featured on the PickleballGuide.net website.
  • Taking pictures/videos of the tested products to be featured on the website.

  • There's also possibility for creating general pickleball content (news, guides, tutorials, etc).
What does it pay?:
  • You'll be paid on a per-review or per-word-written basis. The amount of products to review will vary depending on when new paddles etcetera are released.
  • As a bonus, you will get to keep a lot of the tested gear (there may be exceptions).
What are our requirements:
  • You should be based in the US (as we're collaborating with PickleballCentral who'll be sending out products for review)
  • You should have pickleball playing experience (preferably skill rating 3.5+)
  • You should have access to a decent quality camera for photos and/or video clips (a good smartphone camera will suffice)
  • Solid grammar (previous content writing experience is a plus)
You should apply if:
  • You love pickleball and would like to get an exclusive opportunity to mess around with all kinds of high-end gear without charge
  • If you want a flexible freelance gig that'll net you some extra money doing something you love.
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