Student Health Consortium Intern Application 2017-2018
Welcome to the Student Health Consortium (SHC) intern application!

Our entity's purpose is two-fold: to be a meaningful resource to health-oriented student groups (RSOs) and to promote student health and wellness on campus. For more details, visit

As an intern, you will have an opportunity to help plan and promote these events in order to promote student health on campus and develop yourself as professionals. Each intern will help to promote the mission, vision, and values of SHC through application of their unique interests and talents to our programming.


This year's set of interns will be placed into different teams that will work together in order to create successful programs. The teams are as follows:

-- Marketing (1 position available)
The marketing team will be responsible for tasks, such as: social media, updating our website, drafting fliers and posters, creating hype for our events, working with the Office of Communications, etc.

-- Event Planning (2 positions available)
The event planning team will be responsible for logistics for events, booking rooms, creating timelines for events,

-- Community Outreach (1 positions available)
The community outreach team will work with internal entities (e.g. Hall Health, UWSOM, UW SPH, OMA&D, etc.), as well as groups beyond the University Community (e.g. businesses in the Greater Seattle Area, community groups).

Shared Duties and Responsibilities
- Act as liaison to health and wellness RSOs that act as our constituents
- Connect & build a rapport with our constituents and be an additional resource for them to reach out and answer any questions
- Attend weekly meetings
- Willing to commit to the schedule of 3-5 hours a week, for at least 2 quarters

Application closes on October 13th. Contact SHC Director at with any questions or concerns.

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5. For those interested in the marketing position, do you have any experience in design, social media, etc... (If you don't, please don't let that discourage you from applying for the position)
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