Sew Face Masks Philadelphia: Mask Request
Welcome! This form is for front line workers, community based organizations, non profits, faith based groups, city agencies, mutual aid groups, schools, rec centers, libraries, and educational and child care facilities, to request handmade face masks in the Philadelphia area, including Montco, Delco, Camden, Bucks, and Chester counties. If you are requesting on behalf of an organization, or for a group of coworkers, please use your affiliated email address.

We are also happy to help individuals and families, who lack access or resources to obtain one locally. We are here to help overcome barriers, as we believe everyone should have access to a well-made face masks during this unprecedented time!

We will be in touch to coordinate a pick-up, as the preferred option, however if a hardship prevents you from traveling, please note that on the form and we'll do our best to have a volunteer deliver them!

** Note: After submitting the form -- look for an email from us. Please reply to it, to confirm your request. **

If your organization is distributing masks in person -- we suggest masks remain individually bagged, recipients step forward, sanitize their hands, select mask(s), and wash before wear. For full suggested distribution instructions, please see:

Email *
Full Name *
What organization are you representing? If none, please write "individual" or "family." *
Email address: If requesting on behalf of an organization, please use your affiliated email address. *
Phone number (cell preferred) *
Street Address *
City *
State *
Zipcode *
How many people are you requesting on behalf of? *
How many masks do you need? We distribute 1 mask per person. For families, our limit is 8 masks total. For organizations, our temporary limit is 75 masks total. Please utilize the comments section if you require more. *
What kind of masks do you need? Please note that the type of mask you receive will depend on availability. *
What features do you prefer masks to have? Please note that the type of mask you receive will depend on availability. Rectangle masks can be made following Deaconess, Providence, Leah Day, or other pleated or not pleated surgical mask look. Axe shaped masks have a seam down the middle where the two axe-shaped pieces meet, and often follow Relief Crafters / Craftpassion or Olson design).
Masks should we sanitized before being worn (e.g. boil, or soaking in detergent), and after each use. Please note your or your organization's general laundering plan. Additional safety and care info is available at: *
These are reusable cloth masks that our volunteers have poured hours of work into. Do you agree to not discard them, or treat them as single use? Please contact with any sanitation questions. *
For our volunteer sewists, this is a labor of love. Often, they also pay for materials. Volunteers would just love to see their masks being put to use. Are you able to email us a photo to, or tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter at @SewFaceMasks? *
I agree to not re-sell the face masks that are donated to me. *
I have read the mask safety disclaimer and I agree to forward disclaimer to anyone I distribute masks to (if requesting on behalf of an organization). By wearing this mask, I release Sew Face Masks Philadelphia, and the volunteers who made or provided it, from any claims or liability. These masks are not regulated by the FDA, do not constitute PPE, and do not, on their own, offer 100% protection from the virus. If you do not agree, please exit the form and do not submit. *
Although masks are absolutely distributed at no cost to the recipients, we welcome support from those who are in the position to contribute. If you happen to be able to pitch in -- please note the amount with which you're comfortable. This will allow us to continue to provide more masks to others in the future, and cover our materials and transportation costs (more info:
Any additional notes? Also, what are the regions / neighborhood(s), in which you (or someone from your family or - for orgs -staff) are willing to pick up masks? Since we try not to leave masks unattended -- and we've experienced variable business hours and lobby security protocols at each location, as well as limited driver availability -- pick-up from us, is the preferred option.
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