Now You Can See ARC/Beta Sign Ups
Hi everyone!

Now You Can See is the title of my first poetry compilation. I'm publishing it under my married name (Jessica L. Tate). I was originally intending to publish a larger compilation, but recently decided to break it up into more than one. This compilation has just over 60 poems of varying lengths, so it shouldn't take long to read.

I'm aiming for a mid-late April release, so if you want to beta read I would appreciate it if you send back any notes before the end of March. If you're just signing up for an ARC, I would be grateful for a review by the end of May if possible. *

I will be emailing everyone within the next week or so. I'm finalizing the set of poems, reading through them one last time. Plus, setting the book up on Goodreads. Shouldn't take me long, so sign up quickly!

Thank you so much!
<3 Jessica L. Tate (Jessica Sankiewicz) <3

* Not everyone who signs up will receive a beta doc or ARC; having an active blog/Goodreads account will ensure your chances.

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