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The race starts on Friday, June 14 at 18.00 from downtown Helsinki. Participants have to hitchhike in pairs to a secret destination located in Northern Finland through selected checkpoints of varying difficulty and value (and located in Finland). Participants are otherwise free to travel on the route of their choice. The winners will be determined based on their time of arrival and difficulty of checkpoints selected.  HitchPro has arranged camping and sauna facilities at the secret location for the night between Saturday 15 and Sunday 16. On Sunday, participants are free to hitchhike home (or to the amazing Sodankylä Film Festival for instance) or to use public transportation.
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Each team must open a Facebook page where they introduce themselves and post updates along the journey. Please shorten your page URL (change your username in the About menu) and give the name of your page in the format www.facebook.com/shortname
Do you have at least one smartphone with internet connection? *
We would like all participants to join a whatsapp/telegram group through which organizers will broadcast instructions and answer questions
Does your team own a tent? *
We have arranged camping facilities for the night between Saturday and Sunday and have assumed in our booking one tent per team. We also provide accommodation in cabins (for an extra fee), but in limited amounts and probably not for all interested participants. If you don't own a tent, we recommend borrowing or renting one.
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We understand that the registration is complete only after the participation fee (60 euros per team) has been paid. *
*The fee includes a spot for one tent and sauna. Bank details:  IBAN FI69 3939 0039 8391 13 ; Account holder: Aleksi Wallenius;  Message: Team name . Please do not transfer the fee before we confirm your spot.
Are you interested in renting a room in a cabin at the secret destination? *
Limited offering, first registered first served. Extra cost 27 euros per person.
We want to give extra support to Hitchball 4000 and buy an overall badge for 3 euros *
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