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General guidelines:
The primary purpose of performing referee feedback/ evaluations is to help the referee improve as an official.

No referee is all good or all bad, be fair in your evaluation – if you liked the referee the last time you had them on your game, what was different about this game?
Even the worst referee, on their worst day is more than 90% right, focus for a minute on what happened to make you think this referee did a poor job and how you would help them do better.
If you think the referee misapplied a rule, Law or policy please be as specific as possible about what was missed. For instance a statement like “This referee doesn't understand handball” is much less instructive than something like “The referee called handball every time the ball touched a players hand and in my opinion would have better served the game by calling fewer” Please limit comments to specific rules interpretations and actions, not a general commentary on the correctness of judgment calls.
Often when we review feedback we get comments such as “The referee lost control of the game” when we check into it, sometimes this means the referee did not call enough fouls, or sometimes means the referee called too much and the players got frustrated. So much better to tell us “I got kicked and the referee didn't call it, then I kicked they guy back and got a penalty, that’s not fair”
Any player, who is complaining about the referee, should know, that’s how most of us became referees, we thought we could do a better job, you are encouraged to take an introductory course and find out what it’s really like.

Keep in mind that referees are human, and you are not going to always get someone’s best performance every game. On the other hand, we do expect our referees to act in a professional manner, show effort, and be knowledgeable of the rules of the game and of NWISRA policies.
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