One Time Collaboration with Highway 3
Please read the following information and if you are still interested in doing a one time collaboration please fill in the form below to work with us at Highway 3.


-You will receive a 1 time 50% off discount code to grab some Highway 3 products. In exchange for at least 10 or more styled images of each product in use. { If we have already discussed working with together with you and we have a different agreement for the products, please dis regard this section }

-Must have Great Pictures : We want someone with a love for style, color, home decor, kids, or just a great eye for photography ( or a photographer to help you out!) and pictures with GREAT lighting! Photos must be sent to us within 2 weeks of receiving items. (unless discussed otherwise). We ask for at least 10 or more styled images for each product, that could be the product styled in a room as decoration, or using a model with the product. These images will then need to be sent to us via online album. Please try to capture the true color of the fabric when taking/editing photos-- very important. ( try not to use much filter ) as people purchase the color based on what they see.The goal is to provide stunning styled photos of Highway 3 products to help rep our brand!

-Any additional photos, Flatlays (styled on a crisp white background) and video clips that you want to share are welcome and can be emailed to

-Must have at least 2500 followers either on Facebook or Instagram.

-We will send you a discount code to share with your social media followers.

-Post on social media and Photos must be sent to us within 2 weeks of receiving items. (unless discussed otherwise). Highway 3 / @shophighway3 must be tagged in all photos as well as use hashtag #shophighway3

-You would be giving us permission to use the photos you send us for Highway 3 to use on our website/ social media outlets or any other advertising.
: If you have a professional photographer- a photo release will be needed to be sent as well giving us permission to use the photos : Please email to

**If you think you are not able to commit to the terms above, please email us and we can hopefully work out a way to work together in the future. Email :

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