Individual Lesson Study Application 2018-2019- Region VI IRMC
Lesson Study is a professional development model that immerses teachers in a cycle of instructional improvement focused on planning, observing, and revising "research lessons." Over the course of a year, teachers in grade level teams write, study, teach, revise, and re-teach lessons, focusing their energies on improving mathematics instruction. While the lesson is taught by one of the teachers, others observe and collect data about student responses – a practice that leads to lesson revision. This long-term process allows a team of teachers to think carefully about orchestrating the complexities of instruction and to study the impact on student understanding.

Each teacher must complete an application including required information and agree to conditions set forth in the guidelines. A limited amount of applications will be accepted, so please do not apply if you are not committed to being a part of a Lesson Study team in the upcoming school year.
Applications will be accepted each year for the following school year. Applications open beginning May 29th and will close on July 7th. Each teacher will apply independently and will be paired with grade level teachers from nearby schools, or paired with your school grade level team of 2 or more team members.
2 credits are available and most years there is a stipend for travel.

- All teachers will participate in the Lesson Study Orientation Meeting in the assigned location in August.
- Teachers will participate fully in researching, planning, revising, teaching and/or observing, and analyzing a research lesson during all three cycles in the school year.
- We will not pay for substitutes for the 3 Lesson Study days. Most districts are happy to pay for subs for our Lesson Study teachers. Check with your principal to be sure they will provide you a substitute for the 3 days.
- Participate in the Lesson Study Reflection Seminar to be held in June.
- Complete a survey after each cycle of lesson study and a final reflection at the end of the year.

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I am committed to the Lesson Study Process and will be attending the August 6th-7th Lesson Study Orientation Workshop (9am-4pm) in Idaho Falls. *
I commit to finding a substitute for a total of three full days throughout the school year. I understand that it is my responsibility to be sure my district will pay for a substitute for me. *
I understand that I will be required to participate in the planning sessions. These sessions will not require a substitute, but will be virtual or during prep time. We will have a planning session in each cycle of Lesson Study. *
I understand that there will be a Lesson Study Cycle in the Fall, Winter and Spring, and I commit to participating in all cycles in the 2018-2019 school year. A cycle consists of a planning session (virtual or during prep) and a full Lesson Study day. *
I understand that I am required to attend the June 10, 2019 Reflection Seminar (9am-12pm). *
I understand that there is no guarantee that I will receive a stipend. *
I commit to fully participating and engaging in the Lesson Study Process. *
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