Trail Blazers After School Staff Application
Come out and play with Trail Blazers!

Trail Blazers' Under One Sky is an after school program focused on environmental stewardship that specializes in play- and adventure-based learning. We empower youth in grades PreK-5 to become environmental leaders through hands-on workshops, with an emphasis on our communities and developing social/emotional skills and values.

We are seeking experienced and enthusiastic Group Leaders and Team Supervisors to facilitate hands on activities, champion the Trail Blazers values, and bring camp magic to the program every day. This is a challenging and rewarding program - we look for staff who are enthusiastic about developing their professional skills. You must be deeply kind and fun to be around, eager to spend time outdoors, and always have a smile at the ready!

Program hours are daily M-F from 2pm-6pm, with additional work opportunities available throughout the year.
Must be 18+ and available 3+ days per week for Group Leader positions or 5 days per week for Team Supervisor positions.

Review our job descriptions below:

Compensation ranges from $15 to $20/hour, depending on position and past Trail Blazers experience. If you are enthusiastic about outdoor adventure-based activities, playing and singing with kids, and contributing your skills to a dynamic team, please apply!
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Our program operates in accordance with the NYC Department of Education calendar. Staff are expected to plan time off with this calendar in mind. For example, spring break or midwinter recess are great times to plan a week-long getaway or time to relax at home; mid-January is not. Does this work for you? *
Mandatory staff development workshops will take place throughout the year on days that schools are closed, week nights, or mornings. Does this work for you? *
At Trail Blazers, we anticipate and embrace conflict and difference of opinion. Our staff look for opportunities to help campers work through challenges, increase their ability to express themselves, manage their emotions, and learn from their mistakes. This is hard work! Are you up for the challenge? *
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Think back to a time as a child when you made a mistake and got in trouble. Tell us about the adults who were involved in correcting your behavior and helping you through that situation. Looking back, what do you think they did well? What would you do differently as an adult if a child in your care made a similar mistake? *
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Please note: Group Leaders must be available at least 3 days per week. Team Supervisors and Site Directors must be available 5 days per week.
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