IIT-ISO Zombie Hunt 2013 Registration Form

Submitting this registration form also implies that you have read the rules and thus agree to them.


The Zombie Hunt is a campus-wide game of tag with two teams: Humans and Zombies.

To play, you must be an IIT student!


Each Human gets an Orange bandana, each Zombie a Green one.
The bandana must be worn at ALL times and must be visible.
Orange: Don't get your bandanna taken. Green: Take ALL the (orange) bandanas!


Bathrooms, the Commons, Center Court, Pritzker Club, 7/11, the Galvin Library, the Bookstore, ALL Dorm Rooms and classrooms that have class in session are SAFE ZONES. Any bandanas taken in these areas DO NOT COUNT and must be returned to their owners.


Players can report someone not following this rule by emailing iso.iit.edu@gmail.com with their name and/or registration number.


Once you're tagged (your bandana is grabbed and taken, even if only partially taken off), you're a zombie and you must give up your bandana to the zombie who has tagged you and check in on the MTCC bridge so we can give you a zombie bandana if you wish to keep playing the game.

Each bandana will have an unique registration number, so we can keep record of surviving humans and kills. Zombies must hold onto the bandanas they steal as proof of their kills, just as humans must hold onto theirs as proof of life.


The Final Stand/Apocalypse Day - all of the humans left standing on Thursday, Feb. 28, please meet us at Centre Court at 7PM, with your bandanas. You MUST attend if you want to continue playing the game. All humans who attend will be given special defense against the zombies. Contact us if you can’t make it at that time, we’ll arrange to have a second briefing at a different time.


Some overseers will also be playing the game. They can be identified by the turquoise bandanas. You may direct questions and disputes to them at any time of the game, whether about rules, safe zones or complaints about other players.

The rules are subject to change at any time. Please make sure you give us a valid email we can use to contact you. Once new information is sent out, it is your responsibility to read and follow it. You will be disqualified for not following rules.

Finally, play nice, don't hurt one another, be polite to people working around you and have fun.

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