Call for Presentations Application: Front Range Eco-Social Solutions

- Submissions are due no later than November 8, 2018
- Applications will be evaluated by the programming committee with the following criteria in mind: overall quality and focus, organization of ideas, originality, applicability of topic, potential for interaction.
- You will receive notice of acceptance or non-acceptance in November.
- The programming committee reserves the right to suggest variations on the proposal.

What Else You Should Know/ Consider

- Proposals constituting sales pitches for products or services will not be considered.
- Think about what specific benefits attendees will gain from your topic.
- Target a learning objective – what will the participants be able to do as a result of attending this session?
- Sessions and workshops should be solution oriented and relevant to an audience from the Front Range.
- Presenters attending the conference will be eligible to receive complementary registration for main events. All related expenses for travel and lodging will be at the presenter’s expense. Some additional event options (meals, children’s activities, films) are not included.
- Most sessions and workshops are 1 to 1.5 hours duration

If you have questions, email

You can reference past event programs at:

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What is most important or most relevant about this topic? How does this presentation lend itself to the overall theme of community resilience? *
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Scheduling/Availability of Presenter(s) *
Please hold the Friday- Saturday February 8-9, 2019 dates open until then. If you have any availability restrictions, please indicate that here.
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A/V Needs *
All rooms are equipped with projectors, cd/dvd.  Laptops can be provided with advance request.  Please describe the presentation’s a/v requirements.
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Space and Time Needs *
Most rooms are setup lecture style.  There are just a few with flexible format.  Please describe any room set preferences (ie, lecture style, multiple round tables, chairs in circle). Or outdoors, weather dependent. Most sessions and workshops are 1-1.5 hours. What is the proposed length of this presentation?
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Do you have articles or blog posts that reflect your presentation topic? If so, please include link. There may be an opportunity to repost or print articles/ features in conference program, would you be interested?
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