Psychological Science Accelerator Training Committee Coordinator Application
What is training?

Training is defined as teaching skills and knowledge to oneself or others to improve competency.

Who provides training?

Any member of the PSA may provide training or suggest useful information found from another open source website. For example, a member may create documentation on how to perform a statistical analysis to be shared with the PSA or provide a YouTube video they found particularly helpful.

What kind of training does the PSA provide?
The PSA is engaged in advancing all forms of scientific inquiry and training is broadly covered under this umbrella. Training may include in person workshops (local, conference, etc.), online video material, or online written material. We have identified the follow areas as areas of interest for trainings:
PSA Specific Training
These materials would include an overview of the PSA and its projects, how to contribute to the PSA, how to propose a PSA project, and other PSA related activities.
Methodological Training
These materials would include research method specific information, such as how to use survey software (Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, Google Forms, Typeform, etc.) or research software (Lab.js, E-Prime, Psychopy, etc.).
Statistical Training
These materials would include guides on how-to complete a specific statistical analysis (ANOVA, regression, etc.), how-to use specific statistical software (R, SPSS, JASP, etc.), and how to explain/write reports for these analyses.
Open-Science Training
These materials would include information on best practices for transparency, methodology, and general skills for open science. For example, trainings might include how to use GitHub, the Open Science Framework, or how to write reproducible reports.
Language Coordination
Additionally, we seek someone to help coordinate with the Community Building and Diversity committee to help provide coverage of these materials in various languages (for PSA provided trainings).
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